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Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/31 : Outside signs - Inside - JFC Day 3 - Tony Evers - Dept Public Instruction Testimony

The JFC is now into its Third Day.  UW-Madison and UW-System concluded ... listened for couple of hours -- back and forth on the "split" and flexibility!

2pm - It's a nice day in Madison ... there are a block and one-half on Ian's Pizza box lids protest signs and a good deal more people along the sidewalk ... but not large.

Earlier - News is that DOA will stop implementation of AB 10 (budget repair) - per Judge Sumi's order. Vos and Darling left the JFC about 1pm to go to Governor's Office - something just came up  ... Darlings words ... bet when I get back to Twitter there will have been a "Press Conference"!

JFC now ondeck: Superintendent Evers (elected) among many things has just pointed out that the Governor's budget singled out to cut one "environmental instructional" position in DPI -- curious?  Finished - questions now - Vos first.  Will be listening but not commenting!

Upd:   Seems a little contentious with Republican Legislators ... the Democrats (esp. Milwaukee) are interested about impacts on their areas.  Darling (R) encourages Evers to work with the Governor.  Earlier Evers explained why the "out-of-state" study done of schools is probably flawed.

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