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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging Experience and Tips for Readers

You probably have not noticed but in just over the 2 weeks the look of this blog has changed.  As I became more comfortable with the tool I added gadgets and rearranged items appearance. 

First I added the YouTube video panels that appear on the top and bottom - I have experimented with using various things I can select to try and cause these to be focused on what is going on in Madison and thus give you access to other content.  You click and you get the video. 

Second I added the Search gadget which allows you to search over the blog archive, links embedded within the narrative (to outside sources), and more widely on the web - you type in a keyword and it pops up below the blog header and gives you a list of what has been found.  Click on the tabs and see the other universes: embedded links (outside source) and the web.  As I put up more and more content it allows you to get a view of related content in the blog without pouring over the archive to see what else might be of interest.

I also moved the Pages feature from below the Archive to above the Archive - this is on the right side of the article content.  You are allowed up to 10 free standing pages.  So as articles in the blog fell off the first page (and you could click on Next Page or Older Posts) to see them I copied the ones I liked or you liked to the stand alone pages and made them more visible and accessible - eventually I will have to make some choices once I am beyond ten pages.

As readers of this blog you can subscribe and let me know in a comment - you only see this if you select a particular item and scroll down a little bit - this saves us both time and effort!  If you have a Twitter or FaceBook account you can also spread the word on the particular blog item by clicking on the icon.  Similarly you can mail the link to people you think might be interested.

I generally post to FaceBook and on Twitter ... and by now you must know that WmAGates is the root of my identity ... so you can find me if you want to!  Finally I should mention that you too can blog and this is a great tool ... I have been doing it as a creative, positive way of dealing with somethings that bother me or that I do not see a voice being represented and to let at least a few people know I/we care.

One more thing this tool does not reveal anyone's identity but it does provide some crude stats so I can get an idea of what you read and what you don't.  As an experiment I am not going to push this particular blog and see what you all do?!  Happy reading - become an activist - interact!

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