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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WI 3/29 Spotlight - American's for Prosperity in Wisconsin - CMD

Center for Media and Democracy's PR Watch shines some light ...

A CMD Special Report: Who Are the Headliners at Koch-Funded AFP Conventions? by Lisa Graves

 headliners at Koch-funded "Americans for Prosperity" (AFP) conventions in the state in the past two years. The events featured select candidates who were running for office, including gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, Attorney General candidate J.B. Van Hollen, judicial candidate David T. Prosser, Jr., and Congressman James Sensenbrenner. 

American's for Prosperity ... it used to be so simple you generally knew whether a group was to left or right just by name ... this one still follows the rules!  If it has America or American in it's name it was to the right ... but unfortunately things are a lot harder now.  The "Flag" is used by everyone lately!

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