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Friday, March 25, 2011

WI - Tough Politicians, Tax Increases (labor - wish you had 41st Gov back)

Precedent ... not all politicians or Wisconsinites fear a tax increase ... from Legislative Fiscal Bureau - (click the Title for the LFB document).
Income Tax Surcharges
Between 1918 and 1962, Wisconsin had a series of individual income tax surcharges for a number of purposes including: soldiers' cash bonuses; education, retirement old-age assistance, and health purposes; and emergency relief. The level of the surtax rose to a maximum of 60% of the normal tax between 1935 and 1942, but was substantially lower during nonwar periods. In 1983, the state imposed a 10% surtax on 1983 calendar year tax liabilities to compensate for slower state revenue growth during a recession. Table 14 shows the type and level of the various surcharges adopted over time on the Wisconsin individual income tax.                                p31 Informational Paper January 2011

Now for the irony - from Wikipedia for the 41st Governor (who was next) ... names removed for fun -
However, 41st tenure as governor was a challenge from the start. By the time he took office, Wisconsin was marred by a budget deficit of nearly $1 billion and a 12% unemployment rate. 41st signed legislation making the 5% sales tax permanent and also added a 10% surtax on state income tax which was later reduced. Once the state was fiscally sound, 41st passed initiatives improving the environment, education, and equal opportunity. 41st appointed Doris Hanson, the state's first and only female to hold the office of secretary of the Department of Administration and Howard Fuller, the first African-American appointed to a cabinet position heading the Department of Employee Relations. Due to disagreements over healthcare reform, prison staffing, wage freezes and other matters, 41st relations with state labor soured and made his tenure as governor all the more complicated.

On a personal bio-note ... I worked in the LFB from 40th to 41st transition - I had forgotten these events - hope you are a better student of state politics than I am. 

Tough #Politicians, Tax Increases (labor - wish you had 41st Gov back) ExGov #Walker vs ExGov #Earl #wiUnion - WI 1848 Forward

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