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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WI - 3/29 Emails vs Protesters - How fast stories fade ... 3/21 !

There were definitely fewer (anti-Walker) out-of-state protesters and many more out-of-state (pro-Walker) emails during this the FitzWalkerStanChaos.  Quick let's change the subject!!!

From back in February about what he said to "David Koch" -

When it comes to protesters in Madison, "almost all" are now from outside of Wisconsin. Scott Walker on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 in a secretly-recorded prank telephone call

In his not-so-private phone call, Walker claimed protests were getting smaller and almost all of the protesters at the state Capitol were there from out of state. Certainly there are folks there from far and wide. But there’s no evidence the out-of-towners have taken over. All evidence points to this being -- and remaining -- a home grown effort.

We rate Walker’s statement False.
From the blog:  I was thinking of this article when I collected various clips about the emails, secured through Wisconsin's Open Records law, that were used to test the veracity of Walker's claims about support for his "Budget Repair". 
From the blog:

WI - Out-of-State Protesters Outnumbered by Out-of-State Emails Maybe ;-} 3/21

 3/22 AP from WSJ --- A Time Line and Count!
 Emails to Walker initially favored union rights, review shows

The real point is as in Emily's (Mills) Post in the  Isthmus  ... Walker cleverly chose his words and his timing so as not to be incorrect but certainly manipulative!  Trick me once shame on you! Trick me twice shame on me!

It appears from a quick read that a sample reveals a very difficult counting problem - sort of like looking at shads/chads(?) in Florida!  Be sure to watch this note ... it will evolve as more becomes clear and more reporting gets done!!

The reason people are probably interested goes to the "bully pulpit" effect - the same reason AP and Isthmus used the Open Records Law to get the records - as this unfolds it suggests that statements were being made by Governor Walker that he did not know were true or false - or AP and Isthmus would not have to go to court to get the records.  If the statements were known to be true the Walker Administration would be more than willing to hand them over!

Analysis shows emails to Walker favored budget repair bill from WSJ 3/21

Please ... what does this mean??  Eight to nine percent or 89%
• Eight-nine percent of the emails against Walker came from Wisconsinites.
As clarified in the Isthmus 3/20:
When the Center looked only at emails from Wisconsin, the margin was much slimmer, with 55% favoring his bill and 42% opposed. And 89% of the emails against Walker came from Wisconsinites.
Still a little confusing ... I guess a large number of people were against Walker but did not mention the Budget Repair Bill ... is that what it means?  3/22 comment:  How can you have the word Wisconsin in the above two sentences and not be puzzled?  If there are 100 emails (all from Wisconsin) then 55 favor the bill and 42 oppose.  I think it might be clear - if you just used the sample numbers and then expressed the percentages relative to each number!

See also 3/22 by Emily Mills

Emails obtained from Gov. Scott Walker show public wrote him in support of budget repair bill by  Dean Robbins on Sunday 03/20/2011

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