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Friday, March 11, 2011

Wisconsin April 5th 2011: Supreme Complacency?

The following article is just one of the best I have read and encourage you to read it as well -

Supremely Relevant: Prosser vs Kloppenburg by Bill Lueders, Isthmus

In 2006 there were 831,567 votes cast in the Supreme Court Election. In 2008 there were 827,899 votes cast (see WI GAB for all numbers mentioned plus my arithmetic) for the Supreme Court Election.
Michael Gableman got 425,101 votes and sitting Justice Louis Butler got 402,798 votes - 51.19% to 48.50%.  In the previous Governor's election the following numbers apply -

Wisconsin Voter Turnout 11/2010      49.56%    2,160,832    
VAP   4,330,695
(Source: WI GAB – VAP … Voting Age Population)

In the Presidential Election in 2008 -

         Wisconsin Voter Turnout 11/2008      69.20%    2,996,869    
         VAP  ~4,370,000 (Source: Wi GAB)

Need I say more?

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