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Sunday, March 27, 2011

WI - Education - 3/25/11 - Wait until Tues. - War on Public Education

Perspective from Blog: Wisconsin: 1890 – Mess with education at your risk! Capitol Times  ~3/16

War on Public Education  

Some interesting numbers (below in the linked article) but it sometimes is really questionable how "performance" gets described as less expensive, low performing, same opportunity.  The judgments need to be tempered and adjusted for infrastructure costs, teacher attainment (or even teacher pay and benefits), class room hours, class size, student turnover, technical and vocational infrastructure and the abilities/disabilties inherent in the student population.  As noted below more data is out Tuesday - it may add some light but more likely just heat as proponents seek to discredit each other and their numbers in order to promote their own.  Seems as if it is really just an "ideological" argument with some preferring corporate / private / profit education to public education and the kids get lost in the shuffle.

The Second Front in the War on Public Education - 3/25
GOP seeks to expand school voucher program by Matthew DeFOUR
And state test scores to be released Tuesday, which for the first time include 10,600 Milwaukee voucher students, could suggest they are testing no better than poor students in the Milwaukee Public Schools.

The First Front in the War on Public Education - From the Blog :
WI - Education - Who needs local democracy - New State Bureaucracy Proposed
WI - Charter Schools - Listening now - Public on the Outside, Private on the Inside? - Senate Bill 22 Hearing 

WI 1848 Forward: 3/25/11 - Wait until Tues. - #Walker War on Public #Education #edu #wiUnion wivote #Vouchers

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