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Saturday, March 26, 2011

WI - FitzWalkerChaos - Protest Goes On - 3/26 - Another Ambush

Click Title to WSJ article - Another Walker Ambush - like Ash Wednesday Ambush by WI Senate / Assembly

Is it a law? Just a bill? Confusion reigns over collective bargaining legislation by Mary Spicuzza - WSJ 3/26/11

In the wake of the latest drama, hundreds of protesters descended on the state Capitol again Saturday. The crowd was smaller than those on recent Saturdays but included marchers holding a sign that read, "Latinos y Latinas en Madison: No a Walker & Corps," and a group of yellow cabs honking to the rhythm of the chant, "This is what democracy looks like." A small group of robed professors, who walked about 43 miles from their UW-Whitewater campus, also joined the demonstrations.

Not really any confusion just an excuse to make life complicated for unions - my opinion!

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