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Friday, March 25, 2011

WI - Upd 3/28 ~2:30pm - Laws have to be published in Official State Newspaper - WSJ

 3/28 ... it is now being reported the DOA will be going ahead on payroll changes as of April 21st, etc.

Jessica Arp
Sec Huebsch: This is not desire of DOA Sec to go forward without clear direction, I believe I have clear direction as guided by the statutes.
Wheeler Report ... Legislative Council Letter to Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca

Click on Title to see it  ... Bargaining, etc. - assume Fitzgerald is trying to rattle cages!!  What he is likely to get is another 100K on the Capitol Square!
3/26 Update Integrated -  The above link to State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca from Leg. Council is probably the answer - but it will drag out legally and the Walker Admin will act like it is the law - and what could they do!

Just a few easily thought of -

#  Stop withholding union dues from payroll

#  Start taking out more for healthcare

#  Start taking out more for retirement

#  Depending on schedule start changing/reducing payments to local governments / school districts

I trust that the Courts/Law provides remedies to those who are harmed - will Fitzgerald and others invoke their immunity again?!

Dane County DA: LRB's actions of no legal significance from - DA Ozanne - last night

This links to earlier blog entries on the topic -

WI - Upd. - LRB vs State Secretary of State vs State Attorney General

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