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Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisconsin Palm Trees - #Colbert busts #Fox #O'Reilly, Protest in March

Palm Trees and Horses NOT in March in Wisconsin 2011

It all get's summed up in this YouTube link!  I had to find it and put it here because there are so many videos now it could get lost in the shuffle.  Does YouTube have any kind of TIMELINE option ... so you could sort them ?  During the last week in Madison I have too seen Palm Trees ... they were just cardboard however!

Whenever someone uses Fox News as a source to make a point, don't argue, just send them the above link!!!!

John Stewart has a take on Fox about Wisconsin and Protests - Then and Now
It was taken down by Viacom - copyright claim

VL - video link, N - narrative, I - image (almost always include titles), etc.

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