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Sunday, March 20, 2011

WI - Fewer employed but 10,100 more jobs in January than December???

This one has me puzzled - good news and bad news  ... in looking at the data in the report I kept adding and subtracting columns trying to figure out where the numbers come from -  the bad news was pretty clear but where does the 10,100 private sector jobs come from?  Honestly I made an effort to figure it out but it kind of reminded me of the math problems for which the answer in the back of the book just did not seem to agree with what I kept coming up with!

I will just assume I am wrong but if someone can answer where the 10,100 number came from I would appreciate the clarification - some other source??  I will update this note with the answer and next time be that much better at reading tables, etc.  Perhaps not "fewer employed" but "higher unemployment rates" would be more "correct" language on my part?

Thanks in advance

Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Manny Perez says in a report released March 16th, 2011:   (Click the title above to see the report)
“Wisconsin added 10,100 private sector jobs in January, giving us a head start on the hiring season,” Secretary Perez said. “We expect more job growth with Wisconsin’s new, business friendly image under Governor Walker. The time is right for the unemployed to redouble job search efforts and help meet employer needs, particularly manufacturers with increasing production orders.”
Later in the same report (about unemployment rates):
All 72 counties had higher rates in January than in December, but lower rates than in January 2010.

My bias is that I would expect things to be getting better -

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