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Sunday, March 20, 2011

WI - Justice is a five letter word ... Prosser VS Abrahamson - Vote April 5th

Update: The February date was mistyped as 2011.

Almost missed this one ... incident 2/10/2010 reported 3/19/2011 in JSOnline.  Prosser thinks this is being released to embarrass him and hurt him politically!  Gee ... you think so!  Character / reserve / control / judgment all seem like relevant criteria for choosing a Supreme Court Justice!  See - did not even mention Prosser's real opponent ;-}

Click on the title (above) to find out which "four/five letter word" Prosser used in describing the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court!

Wisconsin April 5th 2011: Supreme Complacency?

Even Assembly Minority Leader Representative Peter Barca was able to keep his cool when Republicans were ignoring Open Meetings Law!

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