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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I - WI Reflections on Sat 3/12 : Signs, Tractors, Fab14, Crowd > 85K

Yesterday was a long day ... from 10am until 5pm on the Madison Capitol Square, as if it had a start and an end.  There were people before 9am and many, many people after 5pm.  Some were even more tenacious and went to the Barrymore (in my childhood - Eastwood Cinema) for the 7pm event with all the usual suspects (I like Casablanca ), progressives, liberals and democrats - quite a roundup - didn't mean to leave anybody out!

Twelve hours of supporting ideas you believe in!  Wow!!!

The Capitol is the backdrop for the sign - Shenanigans - early Saturday morning ... a one word summary of what has been going on for the last month!

The Fab14 are pausing at N. Hamilton in their walk around the square ~2:50pm.  Click and note the Fireman pushing the child in a stroller.  Does that tell you how dedicated these people are to their ideas and to you!?

Hmmmm!!!  You think so?!

The Capitol has eight entrances, not including the tunnels that the rats go back and forth in, but we can only  use two of them (for our safety)!  Two lines had about 400(?) people waiting all day long.  For those of you who wonder - what tunnels - there are at least two that I have heard of for going back and forth to State Office buildings ... rumor is they are used by the Koch brothers (just kidding) ... and others of a particular persuasion.

If you are from Fox you evidently cannot tell a Palm Tree from an Oak Tree.  Obviously symbolic of the hoax Fox tried (or has) perpetrated nationally about the violence (NOT) in Wisconsin.  If you believe Fox you are spending far too much time in the tunnels.

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