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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2013 We're Back - 2011 Charter Schools - Listening now - Public on the Outside, Private on the Inside?

2013 Expect another run -  Conniff - Progressive Magazine    

3/23/2011 - Draft as of ~2:25pm (material may be added ... devoted much of the day listening)

Senate Bill 22 Hearing before Education Committee - Click on the Title to see the Bill in PDF format ... Legislative Reference Bureau provides some summary early on in the document.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Informational Paper 30 (circa January 2011) -
Charter Schools (Informational Paper 30) LFB

This blog has the DPI testimony materials available (not DPI itself) -
Public Schools for the Public Good

Listening / watching (WisconsinEye) the testimony on Senate Bill 22 before the Senate Education Committee the first thing of note is that it appears the legislation was drafted by organizations supporting Charter Schools.  The second impression is that "the problem" in the eyes of some is the state of "education" in Milwaukee not the rest of the state.  The third impression is that the bill contains little or no language dealing with ethics and conflicts of interest.  Department of Public Instruction provided substantive, legal, fiscal, quantitative and policy testimony - too much to try and distill beyond impressions of the hearing already provided.

Great pains were taken in testimony to state that all the Charter Schools have to be non-profit.  Others took great pains to point out that there is nothing preventing the operations of the Charter Schools by for-profit entities.  The counter-point was the performance standards and teacher certification have to be maintained.  A  response was to please explain how a bifurcated educational system along with reduced state aides ($790M) and removing local school boards from the process enhances "educational opportunity".

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WI 1848 Forward: 2013 We're Back-2011 #CharterSchools -Public on the Outside, Private on the Inside? $ 4 #Vouchers

#Walker Wars WI 1848 Forward: 2013 We're Back-2011 #CharterSchools -Public on the Outside, Private on the Inside?

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