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Thursday, March 24, 2011

WI - Walker Policies - Good thing Babe the Blue Ox has moved Out-of-State

Just a few Oxes - my spear is getting blunt!

Budget Repair - It's only fiscal!
Voting - make it hard and make it expensive for the individual.
Jobs - If we recover I'll take the credit otherwise it's Obama's fault (probably because of health care)!
Environment - DNR rules make it too hard to pollute and fill in wetlands except for wind turbines.
Domestic Partners - No such thing.
Education - Do away with local control and oversight.
Medicaid - Cut it and make it more expensive.
Administration - I'll do the deciding - I'm a decider!
Shared Revenue - Cut it and impose local spending limits!
Public Employees - Tell them they make too much, but we love them!
Taxation - We are broke.
User Fees - What are you - a drugee?
Political Contributions - especially if you are not from Wisconsin.

Any others - I've been living under a rock and may have missed a few?


WI 1848 Forward

WI 1848 Forward: #Walker Policies - Good thing #BabeTheBlueOx has moved Out-of-State - Where is Paul Bunyan? : #wivote

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