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Monday, March 28, 2011

WI - 3/29am Rev - Legislative Council Update on FitzChaos - Budget Repair - DOJ chimes in

T 3/29: At least one Satellite TV truck is parked over by the Dane County Court House - waiting for the action this morning in Judge Sumi's Court --- competing with the JFC Hearings in the Capitol!
Click the Title to see latest Legislative Council Memo 3/28 from -

[AND Just out  FROM WIS DOJ - asking TRO and Dane County DA Ozanne's lawsuit be vacated]

From ... summary of DA Ozanne's filings today (Monday)
Ozanne asks judge to declare collective bargaining changes not law

 This is the final paragraph - the Courts will decide -Legislative Council Memo -
In the context of current laws on publication that define roles for both the LRB and the Secretary of State, the LRB’s action, the temporary restraining order against the Secretary of State, the lack of satisfaction of other statutory requirements, and the legal questions that are currently being litigated regarding the ability of a court to entertain challenges to an act prior to that act taking effect, it may be reasonable to conclude that a court would not apply the principles of  Stitt to permit the disregard of publication statutes when satisfaction of the public’s constitutional interest in notice is also in question.  Ultimately, given the circumstances listed above, the resolution of the question regarding the effective date of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 appears to reside with the courts.  

From this blog previously -

WI - Upd 3/28 ~2:30pm - Laws have to be published in Official State Newspaper - WSJ

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