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Saturday, March 12, 2011

VN - Wisconsin - Tractor Parade / Protest Walker 3/12 Sat ~10:30am+

On a  cold and blustery day Wisconsinites eagerly waited for the farmer's and tractors to come up S. Hamilton.  These videos are shot from Martin Luther King St panorama from West Washington, S. Hamilton, Martin Luther King to King St. - first installment of videos - Pentax Optio 3/12/2011 Sat PROTEST

This is mainly the M&I Bank -- the horns are the Teamsters (I think) and the sirens are local to the protest.
I assure you there are the tops of tractors among the sea of people!  This is raw footage and at the end you get a ground shot because my hands are so numb I'm having trouble turning the camera off.

This has a time stamp of 10:44 and is the last video from this location ... it pans from Martin Luther King St, S Hamilton to W. Washington - the tractors are in there!

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