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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WI 3/29pm Upd - Polling tight in Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign from Daily Kos

Another analysis from JSOnline :
Another "perfect storm": A state Supreme Court race in the grip of external forces 3/29
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Almost more like a rumor but ... from the article ... 3/28
The sources are anonymous, the specific numbers are not released, and the author clearly has an agenda, so take this with a big helping of salt. Even so, it's a decent indication that the Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign will not be a cakewalk for former Republican state Assembly Leader David Prosser. That's pretty surprising, since Republicans swept the state just four month ago and since this is likely to be a very low turnout election.

National Review as also referenced in the article ...

Wisconsin Fight Goes to Court And Walker’s big win could ride on a single judicial election. 3/28

The Greater Wisconsin Committee, a leftist organizing group with deep union ties, has funneled $3 million into anti-Prosser advertising, taking relentlessly to the airwaves. “They are the Left’s biggest political player in the state,” says Brett Healy, the president of the MacIver Institute, a Wisconsin-based think tank. “They run the ads that no one else wants to run.
Indeed. The GWC is airing ads that tie Prosser to the budget bill. “Prosser equals Walker” is the usual theme.
The above quote is from NR by Daily Kos.  To be fair and balanced the MacIver Institute has been labeled by some as a right-wing think tank

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