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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IV - Wisconsin 3/16 Wed : Capitol Protests Inside Out : Walker Budget

Update: 5pm - by the time I returned to Mifflin St. and the Capitol the number of Ian's pizza box lid signs had at least doubled .... I'll post more tonight or tomorrow!

Wednesday noon-time Capitol walk through metal detectors and pat-downs ... Stevens Point High School performed inside as some protesters enjoy the singing.  Outside more signs and people in evidence ... plus another Solidarity Sing Along with creative lyrics!!

Enjoying themselves listening!

Stevens Point High School at the Capitol ... next the only recycling after Walker Budget ... Pizza Boxes from Ian's (3/16) along Mifflin St sidewalk!   Click to see larger image!

This is what democracy looks like! 3/16/2011 Madison, WI
Solidarity Singers - just a brief sample.

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