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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strategy - Walker's Wars - a Michigan takeover gimmick?

4/26: It is nice to see the thread kept alive ... it has to be or we will be surprised again -

Emily's Post: Benton Harbor, Scott Walker's budget ... Emily Mills on Tuesday 04/26/2011 11:14 am
From source -
Walker has denied that such a bill might be in the works, and I even initially dismissed reportsrumor. Further troubling evidence that such a bill may, in fact, be in the pipeline has since come to light, though, and I can’t ignore it anymore.
Last week, someone at Foley & Lardner confirmed that the firm was working to draft similar legislation “in collaboration with the Greater Milwaukee Committee, the governor and his allies.”
Walker’s claim that “There's nobody on my staff, nobody in my administration, I'm certainly not working on anything remotely close to that,” may be technically true – maybe none of his people are actually penning the legislation – but it’s certainly disingenuous.
The following was posted in this blog, WI 1848 Forward, yesterday (4/18) under the general theme of Walker's Wars a report from the local democracy battlefront. I was a little skeptical given that it appeared in Forbe's and was suggesting that not only should the content and attributions (to sources – disclosed and undisclosed) but so should the motivations of the author be carefully evaluated.

Hmmm! Time to call the Ghostbusters I guess?

Since what I wish for rarely happens I decided to go to the “media” skirmish in and see how it was going by searching “Garvey”. It produced four hits right on top (one irrelevant) - a good tag and the results as they appeared at roughly 9am are provided, links and all, below – the raw link will reproduce the search but “times will change” results -

Walker nixes rumor of effort to match Michigan law

Gov. Scott Walker on Monday shot down reports that he was working on legislation to take over struggling cities and schools.
            Apr 18, 2011 | 5:55 pm | (34) Comments

On Topic: Milwaukee group pushes for 'statewide financial stress test' for localities

Although Gov. Scott Walker has denied he has any plans to push a plan that would allow the state to take control of local governments that fail a "financial stress test," a coalition of Milwaukee businesses and organizations is floating a proposal for a "statewide fiscal stress test."
Apr 18, 2011 | 3:15 pm | (46) Comments 

Ed Garvey: Walker plots to OK financial martial law

"The best government is closest to the people" and other such axioms are headed for Gov. Scott Walker's trash can. Take the latest development discovered by friends and delivered to anonymously.
Apr 18, 2011 | 7:00 am | (34) Comments

At this point the Unger article starts to become more comprehensible but you have to be a bit conspiratorial or as I prefer conjectural. Any political entity, if there is such a thing, is made up of many ideological parts – some want one thing, some want another, sometimes they can coexist, sometimes they can compromise – but they have an agenda! So what is going on in this case? There are so many ways to interpret this it is hard to begin – how about a list of conjectures?

  • Walker has cold feet on further changes and groups were pushing so he leaked it so he can suppress the push knowing that Garvey, et al, will jump on it!
  • Garvey is an incredible investigative journalist and realized that this story just had to get to the public – so it could be stopped!
  • Unger is trying, along with his constituency, to precondition an idea and make it seem plausible, “stress tests”, so that it becomes acceptable to the public as an important way to solve problems (or deal with other political philosophies). If you salt Carthage it is pretty difficult to make things ever come back as they were (hence end collective bargaining)!
  • Some of the Walker camp are trying to line up support and secure more influence within the camp and need to smoke out those that oppose them (within) so they can be marginalized (a euphemism)!

Take your pick, or make up a new one ... we are better off having some insight than none! Consider when politicians claim overwhelming majorities, which are better described as slim majorities, and were only elected because a complacent and perhaps beguiled population ignored the election – see an opportunity. Be aware if not afraid, very aware!

WI 1848 Forward: Strategy - #Walker 's Wars - a #Michigan takeover gimmick? #vouchers #Elites Kill local governance!

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