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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Voter ID Hearing 4/27 Capitol - AB 7 - Common Cause

Although Poll Taxes have been long gone there are clever ways to prevent people from voting.  The Republican Legislature is on a roll ... so the hearing may not be what you like but testify tomorrow if you can get there!

Most Restrictive Voter Photo ID Measure in the Nation Gets a Hearing on Wednesday/Big Crowd in Kenosha to Discuss Reformv-CommonCauseWisconsin

From the source -
On Wednesday, April 27th the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform will hold a public hearing on ASSEMBLY BILL 7 - which, if passed and enacted into law, would be the most restrictive voter identification law in the nation. This measure would likely mean that tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of voters in Wisconsin would find it too difficult and onerous to cast their ballots on election day, and take Wisconsin from being one of the top two states in the nation in voter turnout to one of the lowest.

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