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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JFC Hearing -4/13 Neenah, Pickard Civic Auditorium ~1:15pm

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It is easy to say that the same issues with the same tenor keep being expressed but that is not quite true and after all I have not been able to listen to each and every individual.  During each hearing there has been a different emphasis, especially as they relate to the region of the state where the hearing is being held.  Some very articulate testimony was provided about PACE.  Several "Court Clerks" gave quantitative and qualitative testimony about CCAP, how it has saved money and even generates revenue from as far away as California.  These were more statewide issues as was the testimony regarding education and health care, although the examples are personal and of the individuals personal or professional experience.  There again have been some who encourage fiscal responsibility but between Stevens Point, Superior, West Allis and Neenah the background has changed to more and more about increasing taxes, stopping corporate welfare, not just cuts to programs.  As I listen now, a member of Jonah, self-described as a faith based organization, is "calling on our better nature" to support the people of Wisconsin  and question (my words) the wisdom of this budget. Another member of Jonah, a pastor, is now offering testimony in prayer form, for "shared sacrifice" (I have really shortened it).

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