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Saturday, April 30, 2011

SeeYouInCincy at ALEC - Protest and TeachIns

The Enquirer is one of the local Cincinnati press (aka  It stayed home?  Not even a mention of event(s)?

Protest Greets Legislative Ghostwriters in Cincinnati; Enquirer Absent April 30, 2011 - sentientcincinnati

From the source -
An anonymous group, they gathered to plan their next legislative roll-out for America.  They were greeted outside the Hilton by bucket drums, megaphones, and a hundred angry voices.  Three blocks away, The Cincinnati Enquirer stayed home.
... But as the group’s annual Spring Task Force Summit convened yesterday, so did journalists and activists from across the Midwest.  And during a two-hour protest and 19 public “teach-ins” across downtown Cincinnati, speakers described a group bent on bloating corporate profits, at the expense of taxpayers and jobs.
Indianapolis-based Daily Kos journalist Bob Sloan told an audience at the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center about a growing ALEC-supported movement to provide cheap inmate labor to corporations, by criminalizing immigration, relaxing child-labor laws, and abolishing “prevailing wages” rules for working inmates.
Although ALEC has non-profit status, it appears to behave more like a political action committee, with its member list and model legislation texts both kept under wraps.  But with the election of Governor John Kasich, who was a founding member of ALEC, the promotion of Boehner to Speaker of the House, and 25% off baseball tickets offered by Reds, Ohio may feel like receptive territory this year.
Also active from Ohio are Senator Bill Seitz, Chair of the Civil Justice Task Force, and Rep. John P. Adams (R-78th), ALEC’s Ohio state Chairman.  Ohio University economics professor Richard Vedder sits on ALEC’s Board of Scholars, and Reps. Andrew O. Brenner (R-2nd) and Danny Bubp (R-88th) were tweeting from the summit.
...The two sides will have another opportunity to face off this August, when the board holds its annual meeting in New Orleans.

Start organizing and planning!  They do!

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ThatOtherDaughter said...

Please keep it coming! Yesterday I found a web archive of containing much more detail on ALEC's 1999 proposed legislation than is available on their current site. It's amazing, and I did write a blog about it, which is available at There are many more available via; I'm trying to get to 'em as time permits. Thank you for your work! I couldn't make Cinci but perhaps I can make New Orleans.