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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping Track of Open Meetings and Walker 4/13

In Newsmax Interview, Walker Misleads on Administration's Legal Support for GOP Legislators Submitted by Brendan Fischer on April 13, 2011

From the source -

Despite Walker's faith in the conduct of fellow Wisconsin Republicans, his legal team is not contending that GOP legislators followed the law, but only that violations of that law be enforced more leniently. In its petition to the Supreme Court, not once does Walker's Administration argue that Republican legislators acted lawfully.
Walker's petition focuses on three issues, claiming (1) that breaking an Open Meetings law is a "procedural violation" that cannot be punished through voiding a legislative act, (2) that a court does not have jurisdiction to prevent a bill from becoming law (even if it may have authority to void a law once enacted), and (3) that the Act is published and is now law, meaning Sumi's order has no relevance. The brief also questions whether the District Attorney can sue to invalidate a statute, and whether Judge Sumi could enter an order considering defendants' legislative immunity. Significantly, the petition does not discuss whether legislative notice rules can override Open Meetings laws (which, if argued, could have implied legislators acted lawfully).

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