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Thursday, April 28, 2011

2013 Who is Paul #Ryan ? #NPR / #WPR 4/28/11 report - Still the same #Speaker in 2015

GOP Budget Architect Heads Home To Mixed Reviews by Chuck Quirmbach

From the source - the title will take you to audio (4min) and transcript -
"He's gonna save us money by cutting some of our social programs, but yet he's going to give that money, that same money, back in tax cuts to the people that least need them?" Prell said. "To me, that is pretty much lying — that's two-faced, that's dishonest, that's Paul Ryan in a nutshell."
Prell said he doesn't believe Ryan's argument that trimming tax loopholes for the wealthy and corporations would offset cuts in tax rates.
Ryan acknowledges the House budget is going to have a tough time passing the Senate and competing with the president's proposal, which seeks smaller changes in Medicare. When asked at one session if it'll take a Republican election sweep next year to get his program enacted, he said he would push for compromise this year.

Paul Ryan Cosponsors New Fetal Personhood - Bill Posted: - HuffingtonPost

WI 1848 Forward: v2 2013 Who is Paul #Ryan ? #NPR / #WPR 4/28/11 report : #Fetal Position : #NARAL #WOW #Janesville

WI 1848 Forward: 2013 Who is Paul #Ryan ? #NPR / #WPR 4/28/11 report : #Fetal Position : #NARAL #WOW #Moral ?

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