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Monday, April 25, 2011

v2 Walker's War on HealthCare : Our Obsolete Approach to Medicaid

2/14/2013 ... Walker's Valentine to Kids ... get a job so you can pay for your own healthcare ... no more BadgerCare for you ... see what his new budget may do?!

All seems consistent with what he said a year ago ...

~  4/25/2011 -Governor Walker Op-Ed in NYTimes ... click Title!

Not a lot of content!  Makes a lot of statements that sound like facts but ...!

For example, from the source ...

We need to modernize not only Medicaid’s benefits and service delivery, but also its financing. In good times, the open-ended federal Medicaid match encourages states to overspend. Amazingly, the program is now viewed by some states as a form of economic development because each state can at least double its money for each dollar spent. That matching feature penalizes efficiency and thrift, since a reduction of $1 in state spending also means forfeiting at least one federal dollar, often more.

What does this mean?  I guess it means states waste a $1 so they can get another $1 ... I don't think so!

It is always so easy to claim something is old or outdated or inefficient!  When Governor Walker talks about those kind of things you have to be cautious about what he really means and rather than soundbites have a public discussion before he uses the legislature as his rubber stamp!

Do Not Forget ... he wants to write all the rules himself ... don't bother the legislature with any oversight!

PBS - Need to Know - The battle over Medicare and Medicaid

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

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