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Sunday, January 6, 2013

There is a problem with "UnDivided Attention"!

 It's now 1/5/2013 ...

This was written before July of 2012 -

Governor Walker has a lengthy agenda!  We seem to be able to only deal with one issue at a time for a short time.  This seems to be reinforced by the sound bite age we live in.  Jumping from one topic to the next without much of any sense of accomplishment except that we made a lot of noise.  The rallies week after week for 90 days are encouraging just so we do not wake up one day and "wonder - what was that all about".  Perhaps all of these agenda items getting ticked off Walker's "TO DO" list will sustain us until the recalls in July or his recall in 2012.

Undoing the damage will take a lot longer than 2014.  So every day keep all of the Walker agenda in mind and keep it in your friend's minds and the public eye.  Make sure the yak, yak, yak and blah, blah, blah counts for more than noise.  Create another activist each and every day.

Think about it -

  • Selling Power Plants
  • Selling any state property - originally no oversight, and now blind oversight
  • Environmental protection gutted, even tried to dump DNR education centers
  • Destroy pension system ... it is not safe yet
  • Destroy collective bargaining and public unions
  • Destroy job growth 
  • Create WEDC -- corporate handouts
  • War on Women
  • Public money for private schools
  • Make sure disabled cannot get affordable healthcare or eat
  • etc.

WI 1848 Forward:There is a problem with "UnDivided Attention"! #Walker #GOP #HiddenAgenda  or don't we wish!? vs #47%

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Amadeous said...

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