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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Honduran government in chaos!

An Evening of Solidarity with Democracy in Honduras - Friday, November 8, 2013 Time 7pm until 9pm - Madison WI , 418 State St, Fair Trade Coffee House

You'd think it was the U.S. and GOP controlled House of Representatives going over the cliff ... but not funny ... so what happens next?

... as in the Washington Post !
Honduran government in chaos, can’t pay its bills, neglects basic services

By Associated Press, Published: January 24

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Street surveillance cameras in one of the world’s most dangerous cities were turned off last week because Honduras’ government hasn’t paid millions of dollars it owes. The operator that runs them is now threatening to suspend police radio service as well.
Teachers have been demonstrating almost every day because they haven’t been paid in six months, while doctors complain about the shortage of essential medicines, gauze, needles and latex gloves.
This Central American country has been on the brink of bankruptcy for months, as lawmakers put off passing a budget necessary to pay for basic government services. Honduras is also grappling with $5 billion in foreign debt, a figure equivalent to last year’s entire government budget.
 A few weeks ago!

10 Intense Days In Honduras

... We congregated in the dirt floor schoolhouse, but people were reluctant to talk to us for fear of repercussions. In 2011 Dana Frank from The Nation reported,  “On June 24, with one hour’s notice, police burned down almost the entire ten-year-old community of Rigores of over 100 houses and bulldozed down its three churches and seven-room schoolhouse.  ...

Honduras– Palm Oil, Land and Struggle

Honduras: War on the Peasants 2/7/13


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