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Sunday, October 27, 2013

An Evening of Solidarity with Democracy in Honduras - Friday, November 8, 2013 Time 7pm until 9pm

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 Fair Trade Coffee House - 418 State St., Madison WI

Enjoy a fun evening of Central American food and live music at Fair Trade Coffee House on State Street while supporting independent reporting on the upcoming elections in Honduras This event is a benefit to raise funds to help send three local journalists to Honduras to report on the upcoming presidential elections, as well as documenting the social movements in the region this November.


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Fair Trade Coffee House

FOOD: an array of homemade Central American snacks including fresh patacones (fried green plantains), red beans, chips and salsas.

DRINKS: Fair Trade Coffee will be provided for guests (specialty drinks will be available to order).

MUSIC: Los Tremendos will be providing the musical entertainment that night. They are a three-person band specializing in acoustic covers. Some songs you have probably heard before and others will be songs more traditional to Central America.

PRESENTATION: About half way through the evening we will pause the music for a short presentation by the journalists who will be going to Honduras to provide election coverage. The presentation will include some recent history of Honduras including the 2009 military coup and an explanation of why independent journalism will be vital to bolstering true democracy in Honduras in the coming weeks.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $10-$20 sliding scale at the door. No one will be turned away.


On Nov. 24, 2014, Honduras will hold a presidential election, widely considered the first democratic election since the military coup in 2009. Three Madison-based independent journalists will be going to cover the elections and document any irregularities that might occur.

Since the coup in 2009, Honduras has seen a wave of politically motivated killings as well as the general silencing of journalists and activists on the left. The coup and the subsequent repression were done with the tacit approval of the US government and military which supplies much of the military equipment and training in Honduras. While mainstream media turns a blind eye to abuses, it has been independent journalists that have shined the light on the situation of the people of Honduras. Now, with elections fast approaching, it will be up to the independent journalists and activists from around the world to provide the support Hondurans will need as they go to the polls and to the streets.

WI 1848 Forward:An Evening of Solidarity with #Democracy in #Honduras - Fri., 11/8/2013 Time 7pm until 9pm #Madison 

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