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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Message to WI congressional Rep Duffy - We all are on ACA, ObamaCare!

Rep. Duffy said on MSNBC Morning Joe (10/16/2013) that we should all be on #ACA including the Congress and the President.  Newsflash - we are!  One of the key provisions is that you get to keep the insurance you have - provided it is up to snuff.

ACA more than anything is an attempt to make it possible for everyone to have healthcare, especially the currently uninsured.

These are my opinions - this is what the GOP and WI Rep. Duffy stands for

  • They do not want your children to have coverage on your plan.
  • They do not want you to benefit being part of a group and thus qualify for an affordable plan.
  • They do not want you to be make choices about medical procedures.
  • They do want to mandate certain medical procedures in case you chose something they don't like - ultrasound, vaginal inspections.
  • They do want to make certain that certain medical options for procedures do not even exist.
  • They do want you to be denied coverage for previously existing conditions.
  • They do want you to be excluded retroactively from insurance coverage if they can find any omissions of conditions in your application history.
  • They do want you to declare bankruptcy if you have an uninsured medical experience.

Message to #WI congressional Rep #Duffy - We all are on #ACA, #ObamaCare ! vs #1% #elites #teaparty #Wausau #Ashland

Message to #WI Rep #Duffy - We all are on #ACA, #ObamaCare ! vs #1% #elites #teaparty #Wausau @Morning_Joe

Rep #Duffy #Elites #1% #Teaparty - Message to #WI - We all are on #ACA, #ObamaCare #Wausau #Ashland 

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