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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rural Decline -> Irony: Walker adds $1800 to your healthcare costs and gives you $13 Property Tax Break


I don't doubt plenty of people have trouble, especially in rural areas, paying their property tax bill.  That is a problem the "Homestead Tax Credit" was designed to alleviate - does it need expansion.  Many rural areas also lack social infrastructure as well as physical infrastructure.

Why would a family with children want to move to or live in a place with no schools and little immediate access to health care.  Why would a retired person want to live there either - they may be stuck and getting to a doctor is really a major problem?  Why would someone growing up there, spending most of their time beiing bused to school, want to stay there when they can't get a job later; when they can go to a larger community get a job, meet other people their age, and have more of a social life?

Report: Scott Walker decisions drove insurance rates much higher in Wisconsin than in Minnesota

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Kraig said Wisconsin insurance exchange premiums for a single person are an average of 79 percent to 99 percent higher than premiums in Minnesota, before tax credits are applied. He said the average Wisconsinite will pay $1,800 more annually for health care.
Why have State Health care premiums gone up 12%????

#WIVote  - #Walker ups $1800 to #healthcare costs ...WI 1848 Forward:  ... and gives $13 #PropertyTax Break 

#Walker adds $1800 to your #healthcare costs ... WI 1848 Forward: Irony:  ... and gives you $13 #PropertyTax Break

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