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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Honduras– Palm Oil, Land and Struggle - - Honduras– Palm Oil, Land and Struggle 

From Sarah's Blog (by Sarah and Jesse) - January 2-12, 2013

Honduras—a beautiful country with lush mountains and beautiful beaches, rich in mineral wealth with land to grow many different kinds of crops, both for subsistence and exportation.  It should be a paradise for the nearly 8 million people who live ther
e.  But there is a problem.  Almost none of the country’s immense wealth makes it into the hands of the people.  Instead it travels out of the country in the hands of international businessmen, allowing them to accumulate immense sums while leaving the country and its people in incredible poverty.  Add to that the horrible repression the Honduran people face when standing up to their exploiters and you are starting to get an idea of the state of the country we (Cristalyne, Jesse and I) spent the last two weeks traveling around in....
A few days later we were on our way to Tocoa, the place where our journalistic work would really begin.  Tocoa is a small city an hour inland from the Caribbean coast in the Aguan River Valley, an area known to its residents as Bajo Aguan.  The stage for some of the most severe and bloody struggles for land rights in the country ...
Despite the clear danger, everywhere we visited Campesinos were organizing to continue the struggle to get their land back.  No one has given up despite the odds and repression. On the 14th a coalition of Campesino organizations is planning a march through Bajo Aguan and after that there is talk of planning more land reoccupations in the coming months.  We attended a coalition meeting in Confianza where the theme of the day was increasing solidarity between organizations to advance the struggle.  Men, women and children live this struggle day in and day out. They need the land to end their slavery.  They need the land to survive.

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