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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

David Keene - NRA President - UW Madison Connection

 1/30/2013 - Senate Killing Machine Hearings Now (MSNBC) - NRA's Keene and La Pierre
 I knew David Keene but for how long I'm not exactly recalling!

David A. Keene is the President of the National Rifle Association. From 1984–2011, he was the chairman of the American Conservative Union. ... from Wikipedia!
He and I shared some classes in ILS (Integrated Liberal Studies) at the UW-Madison.  I have remembered him often but after this many years all I can say is that we were classmates and knew each other (if briefly).  He and I both withdrew from ILS but I think he did that before I did.  He was doing what I was thinking about.

In fact, that he withdrew from ILS is what I really remember about him ... and he knew even at that time that his career goal was politics.  It really impressed me that at the 18-20 years of age that we were  he knew what he wanted to be ... if not a Republican then a conservative.  I think he labeled himself the former.

His role as the President of the NRA is thus no surprise.  His non-apologetic style is absolutely consistent with the certainty of his youth.  I cannot say whether I liked him, we definitely were not friends, just classmates.

As the years have rolled by and I found out that VP Dick Cheny was here at about the same time I often wondered if they knew each other.  I suspect so.

I suspect that they were both involved with then Republican Governor Knowles.

Well ... there ... that's my bit of trivia!

WI 1848 Forward: David #Keene - #NRA President - #UW #Madison Connection :  just a matter of loyalty to #ideology ?

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