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Monday, March 7, 2011

Medicaid: Death by a Thousand Cuts or Ten Thousand or More

What does Governor Walker really intend to do? He wants more flexibility (block grants) from the Federal government, which I guess means he wants to decide how to spend the money, which I guess means he will decide who is eligible and what they are eligible for. I guess that is why he is also asking the Wisconsin Legislature to turn over administrative rule writing to him!

Forgive me, but I prefer this all be subject to public scrutiny and discussion. Do you really want all this decision making concentrated in the hands of one politician and his political appointees in a department decimated by retirements and layoffs?

Making It Personal:

WisSJ - Opinion 3/9/11 - Salmon on Medicaid

Author: Steven Salmon in Clarion 11/10/2010

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