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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FitzwalkerStan to Annex Ryangoria - Healthcare Medicaid Medicare

Let's see - Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin, wants to transform Medicaid into a block grant (to states) and transform Medicare into some sort of (fixed) payment to private insurers.  And you, Joe Public, will have to spend hours if not weeks figuring out what is best for you just like you now do for Medicare - Part D.  The "D(irty trick)" stands for the famous donut ("black") hole created by a previous Republican dominated Congress.

Just a little time back Governor Walker said he wanted more flexibility  with Medicaid, like block grants would be nice.  Do you think it is the Wisconsin version of "Group Think? More likely it is the way ALEC thinks (American Legislative Exchange Council) now famous for Governor Walker's Budget Repair ideas to destroy "collective bargaining".  Wisconsin State Senator Scott Fitzgerald has been a member of ALEC for most of his political career.

If you want to watch them watching you - American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) 
 from the source -
In December, 2009, Raw Story and reported that BCBS Association had been quietly working with the ALEC to draft a resolution that would use the issue of state's rights to make health care reform (and regulation of the insurance industry) unconstitutional. ALEC drafted and distributed model legislation in the form of a resolution, that would effectively make both a federally-created health insurance exchange and a public health insurance option illegal under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees certain non-specific rights to the states. Joan Gardner, a senior executive at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, (BCBS' lobbying group) admitted playing a key role in crafting the resolution. Christie Herrera, who directs a health task force at ALEC, reports that insurance industry lobbyists have been working with ALEC to promote it to legislators. The resolution, and amendments closely related to it, have already been introduced in at least half a dozen states. ALEC has been working behind the scenes for months to advance the idea that proposals put forth by President Obama and the Democrats to regulate the insurance industry and enact a public option, violate states' rights.[31][32]

The NY Times has a piece going over the GOP / Ryan Ideas :
G.O.P. Blueprint Would Remake Health Policy By ROBERT PEAR Published: April 4, 2011 NY times 

Given the constituency of Medicaid, 50% children, Ryan might be able to pull it off, especially in Wisconsin, since the Governor and Republican controlled legislature has made it more difficult for people to vote - especially (grand parents) older people and kids transitioning to voting age!

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