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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walker's War on Education: Eliminate Reading Specialists

Sometimes things just seem to defy logic.   Oh wait! Governor Walker wants to "give" school districts more flexibility and more tools.

Isthmus: Walker eliminates reading specialist requirement with 'Read to Lead' order for Wisconsin schools - Joe Tarr on Thursday 04/07/2011

Last week, Gov. Walker signed Executive Order #22: Read to Lead Task Force.
The idea, taken from Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, aims to improve reading scores among students in kindergarten through third grade. But Walker's plan also removes one of the main tools for students to learn: reading specialists.
WI 1848 Forward: #Walker 's War on #Education - #Vouchers ... more in Cap Times, #NYTimes : 47% #mti #WiUnion

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