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Monday, April 11, 2011

JFC Hearing - West Allis 4/11 About Half-Way Impressions

Recent Past ... seems to be frequently visited !
6:50 Appear to be cut off on ... assume they are still going forward with local

6:30pm - Discussing / debating after all on the speaker list (closed at noon) how to continue ... maybe for a year ... no mikes probably about 7pm ... Vos reading names ... Grigsby and Taylor trying to get some more hearing time!

5pm ... being tweeted ... pictures of people turned from testifying away are being placed on chairs at West Allis State Fair Park 

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Press all cover one story and poorly cover the JFC hearings! That's Show Biz!! 4/8 Upd Forward

Watch it on ... at least another 4 hours to run!  It is very difficult to give an impression of the depth of feeling and passion that speakers bring to their 2 minutes.  Some pro-budget or Walker (and usually wanting lower property taxes) and many others with specific issues with the budget.  At 1:37pm, just as I type this, testimony is being given where the speaker "attests" that they have been listening to all the testimony and it is almost completely about how this budget is going to negatively impact families in Wisconsin (not a quote but a reasonable paraphrase).

There is some contention about how many people are going to be allowed to speak.  Given the population density of the area maybe more days should have been given to testimony.  It has been said that all written testimony is going to be scanned and will be available to legislators (and thus us).  Can we assume it will be in some organized fashion or a linear stream - the latter is hardly useful.

Of particular interest is the speaker who identified herself as having arrived at 5:30am with a group of others.  She was most interested in supporting Milwaukee Public School system.  But, as part of her aside, she mentioned that her group was there to set up the "drop box" system so working people could drop off written testimony.  In addition they were setting up a "video" program for people to provide testimony - I would like to know more about that - just what was being done?  When I earlier saw some tweets about those drive-by stations I mistakenly assumed the JFC had set them up. What is going to happen to the video - hope picks it up and makes it available!

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