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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Testing - GoogleEarth - Youtube - Panoramio slide interface ... "pics from PacificJouneysInt - Rio Diamante Hike and Dominical, Costa Rica"

The neat thing about Panoramio is that the images are geo-located assuming the photographer has a good sense of place ... GPS cameras can help a lot ... but there are camera glitches at times (an earlier place LatLon is used)! Click on a picture and you go to the image (another page) and can examine the location via Google Earth, Maps. I use the "title-click" to find the site of the organization that setup the hike! There are number of alternative interfaces, even directly via a javascript library.  Tags can be used to restrict topics.  I am using just "User ID" to select images.

As further testing of interfaces ... Google Sites ...

Below is a geo-located map of the "Las Tumbas" area in Costa Rica related to the images being shown above! You can do a lot of clicking and moving things around ... so try it out if you have not used Google Earth or accessed Panoramio before or even if you have!  You drag the map to another location and zoom the map but sometimes all the images obscure what you want to see.  If you click an image in the map a balloon pops up or click on the image and you open a Panoramio page about the image.

If you find the Panoramio instructions for doing what I have done be aware they do not work ... HTML may have evolved ... but the syntax seems wrong in the first place ... so you may want to examine source code or contact me is what I used ...
<iframe src=";ln=-83.768933&amp;z=-1&amp;k=1" width=480 height=500>
 ________Now for Youtube Video ___________

On a hike to Casa Piedra, Rio Diamante near Las Tumbas, Costa Rica (Hwy 243 between Dominical and San Isidro). The initial view includes the Pacific Ocean to the left and Las Tumbas below. The hike includes a beautiful garden, about halfway, with more great vistas and an interesting open two story building suitable for stretching out. The second part of the hike ends generally with lunch at the waterfall cave, Casa Piedra. Options include rappelling the waterfall and overnight camping in the cave.

A second video

The accompaniment vocal and guitar is by Lindsey Chapman, sometimes tour guide and songstress. The lyrics are La Llorona, a folk song.

Interested? Lookup

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