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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#ASU #AZ State University #WWW #Censorship & #Media Quandry

Topic: Spreading the news by chance -

From the Slashdot material

Bennett Haselton is back with a thought provoking essay about not just an incident of Internet censorship on an American university campus, but a proposed method of propagating news, so that relevant stories aren't buried as easily by chance or time. Bennett writes: "The real scandal in the story of Arizona State University blocking students' access to the website, is not just that it happened, but that the block persisted for two months without being mentioned in the media. As a card-carrying member of the 'outrage grapevine,' I surely think we need a way to respond faster." Read on for the rest. 
This is a tale of censorship. From about December 7th until February 3rd, Arizona State University was blocking all users of its network from accessing the website, where users can create petitions and circulate them for other users to sign. (The lame excuse offered by the university was that a student had created a petition and was using the site to "spam" other ASU accounts; of course, even if that had been the real reason, it would have easily been possible for ASU to block mail from the servers, without blocking all students from accessing the website.) On February 3rd, after a furor of sudden media attention, the block was lifted.
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