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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trading the soul of a nation - Full time detective and SWAT cop #99%

Badger Blue, Times Two blog hits a home run again !  Last paragraphs ...

Make no mistake, it has come to the point in our society where most corporations don't have an ounce of patriotism or altruism in their DNA.  The only thing that these companies care about is profit.  That would be  just fine if we had a government that acted as a counterbalance to this mentality, and a provided a framework for a prosperous nation.  Remember, in the earliest days of our nation, our founders recognized that corporations existed by the grace of the government, not the reverse.  Instead, we now have a government that is bought and paid for by these corporations, and as a result has allowed disastrous trade policies.

In fact, I think the evidence supports the conclusion that outsourcing was part of the plan to drive US wages down in order to maximize profit.  Not just a predictable result, but the intended result.  The formula is simple:  Move jobs overseas. Shut American factories.  Utilize cheap labor in China and other countries.  When US workers are just desperate enough, move factories back home. Hire workers at half of their previous rate.  Call it a "globally competitive wage."  Sadly, our politicians are complicit in this plan to give the corporate masters a legion of low-educated, low paid workforce.  In Wisconsin, that complicity is embodied in Gov. Walker's slogan "Open for business."

And who says the American dream is dead?

I would strike the above remark about DNA ... corporations are not people ... we need to remember that!!

The following makes the point very clearly ...

WI 1848 Forward: Trading the soul of a nation - Full time detective and SWAT cop #99% #47% vs #1% #elites #Koch

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