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Saturday, February 25, 2012

#Walker Foreclosed on #WI, now he's #foreclosing our Federal #Mortgage Settlement Money

Given the sponsors ... how about more "Open Government" publicity ... so watch for the hearing ????? 

Introduced by Senators Hansen, King, Holperin, Taylor, Lassa, S. Coggs, T. Cullen and Miller;
Cosponsored by Representatives Mason, Grigsby, Pasch, Milroy, Richards, Jorgensen, Roys, Pocan, Steinbrink, Berceau, E. Coggs, Molepske Jr, Toles, Sinicki, Bewley, C. Taylor, Fields, Hulsey, Bernard Schaber, Pope-Roberts, Turner, Young, Vruwink and Kessler
You requested to be notified of the following legislative activities:
 Committee: Joint Committee on Finance
  SB-511 was referred to joint committee on Finance in the Senate on February 23, 2012
      Bill History:
      Relating to: allocation of national mortgage foreclosure settlement proceeds and making appropriatio...

Every time we turn around it seems Walker has another $100 million+ deficit ... what kind of "Open For Business" policy is that?  Will SB511 save us?

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