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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gogebic Mining - an environment problem we don't need!

UPD: 20140905

Huge mine may shrink away from Ashland County, Gogebic Taconite says

UPD: 20131223

Gogebic Mine reeling from sucker punch

UPD: 7/9/2013 'Bulletproof' Arizona security team raises hackles at Gogebic mine site

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UPD: 1/2/2013 ... Is Walker going to try and sell the environment again?
16 million tons of material a year (WPR 2/2712)... aquifer draw down ... surface water quality ... impact on Lake Superior!

When special interests are able to create "narratives" about jobs the rest of us all lose ... especially our future and the environment! The "jobs" have probably been exaggerated and are of little consequence. The "Mining" interests not only need to use best practices to avoid unanticipated consequences they need to "bond" to pay for the possibilities of things going bad long after they are gone!

If those costs are incorporated into the project and not allowed to be ignored the "mining" might not happen. When oversight gets lessened and regulation diluted it affects many other "projects" and our lives, our environment and those that come after us!

I have included a video that tells a positive story about "wetland recovery".  My real point is that it should never have been necessary ... but we seem to always repeat ourselves ...

The return of wetlands results in the natural return of wapato (potato), which was absent from the Yakama National reservation for 70 years. Video by Emily Washines.

WI 1848 Forward:  #Gogebic #Mining - an #environment problem we don't need! - #Walker #GOP #DEMS #47% #99% #WiVote 

#Gogebic #Mining #Foxconn WI 1848 Forward: #environment problem we don't need! - #Walker #GOP #Trump #WiVote

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