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Friday, February 17, 2012

2/23 Upd - Better get that #www #BillofRights - what has #Google become - #WSJ

See Whitehouse story BBC at bottom


Google Accused of Bypassing Safari's Privacy Controls


from Slashdot ...

DJRumpy points out an article (based on a possibly paywalled WSJ report) describing how Google and other ad networks wrote code that would bypass the privacy settings of Apple's Safari web browser. 'The default settings of Safari block cookies "from third parties and advertisers," a setting that is supposed to only allow sites that the user is directly interacting with to save a cookie (client side data that remote web servers can later access in subsequent visits). ...

and check out the WSJ

In Firefox you are being tracked (approximately unless you opt-out) ... from there FAQ ...

Location-Aware Browsing is always opt-in in Firefox. No location information is ever sent without your permission. If you wish to disable the feature completely, please follow this set of steps:
  • In the URL bar, type about:config
  • Type geo.enabled
  • Double click on the geo.enabled preference
  • Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled
In Google Search you are being tracked ... you can supposedly generalize it ... but given what they use to approximately locate you ... I really do not believe them?!

To provide you with the most relevant results, Google attempts to automatically detect your location and customize results based on that detected location. A location that's labeled "Auto-detected" is chosen based on the following factors:
  • Your IP address .
  • Google Toolbar's My Location feature. If you have Google Toolbar installed and have the My Location feature enabled, your approximate location (if detected) will be used to customize your search results. If you don't want Toolbar to attempt to determine your approximate location, you can turn off My Location

IS THIS THE WAY YOU WANT IT?  Fess up ... this all about competing for advertising and marketing $$$$$$$.

Google and Facebook in White House web privacy sights

The move comes amid worries that browsing information is being tracked and given to advertisers.
State attorneys in 36 states recently sent a letter of concern over Google's plan to share personal information across its products.
As part of the announcement, the firms' ad networks said they would support a "Do Not Track" browser option.
The US has advocated since 2010 for "Do Not Track", a one-click option to prevent information gathered while web browsing being shared with third parties.
'Bill of rights' In a statement, President Barack Obama outlined a "consumer privacy bill of rights".

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