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Saturday, February 11, 2012

#Google & Politics - Larger Perspective - $

The marketplace of ideas or the marketplace of money == influence !

#TYT Network : #Google Sponsors #CPAC 2012

At 3:11 Google sponsors CPAC

Thoughts - #Google vs #NPR

Privacy ... what privacy ? I think Google is messing with NPR links. I followed the instructions and clicked the link ... up pops ...

Cookies are disabled
Your browser's cookies seem to be disabled. Ads Preferences will not work until you enable cookies in your browser. How do I enable cookies?"

Which I know is not true unless they just turned it off!

This all got me thinking about Isacc Azimov.  Although the original "Three Laws of Robotics" are not considered adequate or complete, more minimally necessary rather than sufficient they are a starting point for thinking about Corporations as "humans" or "robots".  It might be a better world if Corporations subscribed to the "Three Laws" ... but alas they are run by humans who want their corporate entity to be unaccountable and able to change the rules to their benefit w/o much regard for external impact or effects.

Three Laws of Robotics

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