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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something Warmer when not blogging - Costa Rica

Diversions are a necessary excursion in order to renew one's energy ... this was that ... especially when you can also say you learned something!

"This is a video experiment using Picasa editing/movie tools and a few stills from a recent trip to Costa Rica just to see how the video would look.  The story is quite limited and just from early on the trail looking back toward Las Tumbas and Pacific Ocean (far distant - toward Dominical - pan left).  The accompaniment vocal and guitar is by Lindsey Chapman, sometimes tour guide and songstress.  The lyrics are a clip of La Llorona, a folk song. The sound was added later on a pass thru/export from FCP.

The larger context was an all day (optional overnight) hike/lunch to a waterfall and cave on Rio Diamante - Casa de Piedra.

The Panoramio link can be used to more specifically geo-locate ~ 9° 16'  N  83° 46'  W  

... from there you can go directly to Google Earth and see many peoples pictures of the area!

A more complete video is planned to include garden, camp, waterfall, cave, rappelling and more of the trail.  YouTube tags provide clues to finding more if you are interested."

The update as promised - this was further produced from still images using "Final Cut Pro (FCP)" ... it was quite an exercise to constrain it to the song length and still tell the story.

Some related links ... and experiments

Near Las Tumbas, Costa Rica - Video, Images, Map ... so far

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