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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trust In America: Recovering What's Lost - NPR

Research on "Trust" ... from NPR staff

Wolfers researches trust in institutions, in public figures and in government. He analyzed data from polls on people and trust collected by the Gallup Organization since the early 1970s. Not surprisingly, people trust the government, the courts, the media and big business far less in times of economic distress. But over the course of the past 60 years, overall trust in those institutions has been in steady decline — even in good times. In the 1950s, Wolfers says 4 out of 5 Americans trusted government. Today, that number is down to 1 in 5.

Message to the Wisconsin Legislature ... open the Caucuses and let the cameras in ... you want trust and your own ability to act for Wisconsin citizens  ... I think the sausage making is still hidden ...

TED: Trust, Trustworthiness, Think about Politics

WI 1848 Forward: Trust In America: Recovering What's Lost - #NPR #Gov #Sequester #Debt - Maybe it is the #Demographic

#Trump #Morality - what is it? WI 1848 Forward: #Trust In America: Recovering What's Lost - #NPR #Gov #Sequester #Debt - Maybe it is the #Demographic

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