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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Upd#4: Madisonite Maced at Air Space Museum ... one of many ?!

The other day I started following Ann Maria Bell because she was traveling from Madison to participate in various events in Washington DC.  She has obviously become quite involved!
6:10pm 10/8 update

Ann Maria Bell

For good account of what happened at Air & Space museum today search on twitter.

At about 3:30pm, Madison time (it is now 4:30), I was just checking up on the latest Twitter news and started seeing notes about mace (pepper spray) and started looking at some the material to see what was developing.  I am still not sure I know exactly what happened but ... here are some of Ann Maria's tweets and a YouTube video from another source!

Ann Maria Bell

Britt. She looks sweet but she's a hardcore peacekeeper & medic who was on the frontlines today.
Ann Maria Bell

Being treated for pepper spray in the medic tent.
Ann Maria Bell

March to Air & Space Museum in DC hit w pepper spray. No word on arrests.

There are many other tweets that one can call concurrent validity evidence that something happened ... so I will leave it there!
Here is a report from another source - Lisa Simeone - (out at 4:41 Madison time?)
At a demonstration by the  October 2011 Movement at the National Air &
Space Museum, Smithsonian Protection Services security officers pepper
sprayed protesters as soon as they entered the museum. They
pepper-sprayed a young woman from Woodlawn, VA who is not part of the

Demonstrators were protesting the drone exhibit at the museum, which

represents the glorification of extra-judicial executions and the
military industrial complex at a public institution.

The police closed the museum and have been telling the public that the

building was closed due to a bomb threat.

Video from Op-Ed News, one of whose correspondents was also pepper-sprayed.

Lisa Simeone
October 2011
And another video from ...

It was embedded in a piece from WashingtonNBC with a some what different slant on what happened!

Several hours later this is what AP reports ...10:30 pm
DC museum closed after protest; pepper spray used

US Video

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- The National Air and Space Museum in Washington was closed Saturday after anti-war demonstrators swarmed the building to protest a drone exhibit and security guards used pepper spray to repel them, sickening a number of protesters.
Smithsonian spokesman John Gibbons said a large group of demonstrators, estimated at 100 to 200 people, arrived at about 3 p.m. and tried to enter the National Mall museum. When a security guard stopped group members from entering, saying they could not bring in signs, he was apparently held by demonstrators, Gibbons said. A second guard who arrived used pepper spray on at least one person and the crowd dispersed, he added.
A number of groups have been demonstrating in the city in the past week. The group that arrived at the museum Saturday included individuals taking part in the October 2011 Stop the Machine demonstration in the city's Freedom Plaza, which has an anti-war and anti-corporate greed message. The group also included protesters affiliated with Occupy D.C., a group modeled on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. Occupy D.C. has been holding marches and meetings in Washington's McPherson Square.
David Swanson, 41, of Charlottesville, Va., said he was among dozens of people sickened by the pepper spray. He said he got sick even though he was outside the building when the spraying began.

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