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Friday, October 7, 2011

#OccupyDC - #WORT 89.9 FM Report 10/6/11 "In Our Backyard" - Thursday

A mini report from Freedom Plaza from WORT Reporter Cristalyne J Bell ... this is a slight update of some of that content and the original was broadcast last night as part of "In Our Backyard" at 6:30pm.

Click the title (above) and get or listen to WORT Podcast programs and specifically for "In Our Backyard" ... about 20% of the way into the program ... all of the program is interesting ... the first part tells about how the Republican controlled Wisconsin Legislature has imposed itself (or tried to) on the Governmental Accountability Board (GAB) to try and give Governor Scott Walker control over his soon to be pending recall ... so by his fiat there will be no RECALL

Interviews - Margaret Flowers (Was in Madison @ Democracy Convention in Aug 2011 )

Heard - Dick Gregory, careers - comedian & civil rights activist

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