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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FAIR : Simeone vs NPR vs. Free Speech -Opera show dropped by NPR to punish host's political activism

Clicking the title will take you to a page where you can read some of the best reporting on the topic and sign a petition asking NPR to clean up its very fuzzy "ethics" and preferably get out of the "of worrying about being thought police". Previously I blogged ...

Upd10/23 a: NPR drops "WofO" - Lisa Simeone - OccupyDC / NPR Controversy - The Conservatives Win I Fear

extracted from that entry ...

To borrow a phrase from UW-Madison history I am "sifting and winnowing" and at present not willing to draw conclusions about the current incident involving Lisa Simeone. (10/21) Based on the latest communication from David Swanson I am willing to conclude that NPR has some difficult ethical decisions/conflicts of interest of their own to deal with.  They should always give the benefit of the doubt to the individual and allow them the fullest possible freedom of expression.[B. Gates 10/21 addition]
I assume what Swanson says about Liaason, Simon and Roberts can be substantiated.  Even without that it seems like a rather backhanded way for NPR to deal with their own issues of ethics and conflicts of interest and the types and kind of activities that they allow their "different" personalities to engage in. How is this consistent for other independent suppliers of "programming" and what their hosts, producers, etc. may be doing on the side. (10/22)
 The petition that FAIR asks you to sign up for basically clears up any doubt about the three NPR personalities and makes the same point (as I did above) about what a can of worms it is to be checking every person who ever does any kind of work for NPR.

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