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Friday, October 14, 2011

Upd. Of All Places - Forbes - #OWS Genealogy and now NPR

 10/20 NPR has new related work on the BRAINS 

From the story ... listen later ... Morning Edition

The protests go by a variety of names: "Occupy Wall Street," "American Autumn," "The 99 Percent." And the lack of a unified message is matched by a lack of centralized control. But the protests share a common spark: a disillusioned Canadian adman.
The "Occupy" protests seemed to come out of nowhere. But the early participants, like John Garcia, in downtown Seattle, point to a very specific catalyst.
"I get Adbusters, so that's how I heard about it," he says.
Adbusters is an anti-consumerism magazine based in Vancouver, Canada. This summer, it proposed a Sept. 17 "occupation" of Wall Street, and the idea caught fire.


The Brains Behind "Occupy Wall Street"

 .... KL: Forget divide and conquer. It’s too soon for that. And it may happen. I don’t know. The good thing about the Tea Party is that deep down in their guts they understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with our system. But they want to recapture the past when there is no going back. Their target is the government. Our target is the people who run the government: corporations and Wall Street. If some Tea Party people want to come out and protest, please come. They know we have to take away some of the powers the financial markets and speculators have over our system. They know that we have to make money less important in politics or this democracy is in very big trouble.

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